The single currency which could have hold a place over 1.39 versus the greenback can make 1.40 psychological level much more vulnerable can meet now will in the case of rising further, resistance at its peak at 1.3966 whereas it has managed to retreat by the end of last week before facing 1.40 which can open the way by its falling to 1.4247 again whereas it has formed its peak on October 2011 while getting down again from here can be met by supporting level at 1.3832 which meets the 61.8% Fibonacci correction level of the falling from 1.4938 to 1.2042 at 1.3834 and breaking it can be followed by 1.3643 whereas its formed bottom over its 200 h4 moving average before 1.3562 by the psychological level at 1.35 which can be followed by 1.3476 whereas it could rebound in the beginning of last month to form its bottom of the rally to the current level while falling below it can smooth the way to 1.3397 before its recent formed bottom at 1.3294 which has been reached on the 7th of last November while the expected standing supporting levels below it are still existing at 1.3229, 1.3104 before 1.30 psychological level.

It is important today to watch the data of March Germane ZEW survey and also from US it is important to watch Feb US CPI which is expected to show yearly rising by 1.2% from 1.6% in Feb and also from the US housing market the release of US building permits which are expected to rise monthly in February to 0.960m from 0.937m in January and also US housing starts which are foreseen to be up to 0.91m in February from 0.88m in January beside US Jan net long term TICS flows which are expected to be $23.4b after falling by $45.9b in December.